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The Filmic Bundle has returned!

The BLIND Audio Filmic Bundle has returned to Loopmasters! The Filmic Bundle is a great way to bolster your production arsenal with some unique cinematic sounds. Perfect for those looking to add some cinematic flair to their latest musical outings.

The Filmic Bundle Contains 3 of our best selling sample packs:

“At the heart of Synthetic Cinema lies musical loops and phrases created using various synthesis and sampling techniques. Use these along with a fine collection of oneshot instruments and percussion to create an involved and complex soundbed. All sounds in this pack have been skilfully layered and constructed to provide you with a unique balance of organic and synthetic textures. Get that larger than life Cinematic feel in your next project, perfect for working with Music, Film, TV or Games.”

“Booming hypnotic drums and deep ambient melodies compliment dark, moody synthscapes, looming piano lines and FX that are drenched head to toe in dreamy delays and reverbs. Elysium screams atmosphere and style; while not fully rooted to a specific genre these loops and oneshots will work well in any production that requires a bit of Cinematic flair or Ambient spirit.”

“Rather than trying to give an accurate representation of the items recorded, we wanted to create percussion hits that could be used alongside your usual drum tracks. The result is a collection of percussive sounds that feature a very distinct metallic tonality. Short Taps, Knocks, Rattles, Slams & Strikes make up the core of alloy. While these sounds are very simple they also offer a unique quality that you won't find in other traditional drum libraries.”

Together these packs bring you the perfect collection of oneshots and loops for soundtracking or adding extra depth to your productions. Stock up on new sounds and save 50% with the Blind Audio Filmic Bundle.


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