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BLIND Audio is a UK based soundware label founded in 2019. We specialize in smaller sized sample packs aimed at producers of all skill levels. Our packs contain both loops and oneshots and are created by our highly-skilled team of international producers.

These are not your typical sample packs; while some of our packs have a clear focus on a certain genre - we don't let sticking to a particular sound get in the way of a good idea. As an extension of this, we also know that inspiration often strikes when you're thinking outside the box. Music evolves and progresses as we experiment with different sounds and cross barriers between genres.


Blind Audio aims to provide you the best sounds possible, and we know the sounds that you choose affect the outcome of the project at hand. While creating our sample packs we pull from a varied collection of instruments and effects including (but not limited to): a collection of analog and digital synthesizers, real-world instruments, and high-quality field recordings.

Consistency is key. When you buy a BLIND Audio sample pack you can be assured that the tempo and key remain the same throughout the pack. Pitched oneshots will always contain a root note of C to ensure ease of use when loading into a sampler. Our sounds are made to work together.

All sounds that you buy from BLIND Audio are completely royalty-free and can be used in any way that you like. The only exception is that you can not sell or redistribute them without modification.

Whether you work with music, film, games, or any other form of multi-media we hope that you will find our sounds useful. BLIND Audio samples can be purchased exclusively through Loopmasters, Loopcloud, and their distributors.

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