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Out Now: Retrowave - VHS Pop

Blind Audio introduces Retrowave - VHS Pop. Explore a faux-nostalgic collection of sounds inspired by a fusion of tripped-out vaporwave and the distinct DIY lofi vibes that can be found in the many corners of today's popular music.

We have once again teamed up with Stefan Binkele to bring you another round of production-ready loops and oneshots. Stefan brings us a unique styling of retro pop synths, pumping basslines and hard-driving drums all topped off with moody synth lines & lo-fi infused vocals.

Retrowave will take you a trip through a broad range of influences, from classic 80s synthpop, alternative rock, lofi hip-hop, and a healthy dose of modern vaporwave aesthetics. A warm blanket of lofi processing introduces imperfections, saturation, distortion and an overall rugged character to the loops and oneshots included.

All loops are rendered at 108 bpm and in the Key of D#m. Mix and match loops or use them in combination with your own sounds to create something brand new. Blind Audio brings you only the best sounds available; Pulling from a varied collection of sound sources including classic analog and digital synths, real-world instruments, and high-quality field recordings.

We recognize the importance of continuity when it comes to sound libraries and sample packs; That’s why each pack keeps to a consistent key and tempo throughout. We want to make sure that all sounds work well with each other. You won't need to pitch or stretch them to make them fit. Likewise, all oneshot samples that have a detectable pitch are recorded at the note C for ease of use.

Retrowave - VHS Pop is available now at Loopmasters and Loopcloud.


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