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Out Now: Loopcloud Collections

We are pleased to announce our first three Blind Audio Collections. Collections are curated playlists featuring our favourite sounds from the Loopcloud library. Find out more about Blind Audio collections below:

We've trawled Loopcloud to find only the best melodic modular bleeps and bloops. Find a contrast of warm analogue oscillators, wavetable synths, and complex digital tones, tied together with generative and probability-based sequences. These synth loops have an almost organic character that's hard to capture with software synthesisers alone.

We've teamed up with Drumsik to bring you his top Loopcloud picks. With numerous releases on legendary UK drum & bass label, Bad Taste Recordings, Drumsik has carved out a name for himself among the DnB greats.

These crunchy percussion loops will add a whole new dimension of grit and texture to your beats. Layer them underneath your existing drum parts or let them stand on their own. These loops are all about adding texture, interest, and imperfections - something that's often overlooked in electronic music.


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