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Orogeny - Industrial Cinema

Dark, Brutal and Raw. Blind Audio and Moloch team up to bring the perfect atmosphere for your next project. Orogeny - Industrial Cinema merges the synthetic with the organic and implements abrasive and aggressive field and instrument recordings into the digital world, resulting in a blend of cinematic atmosphere and tense sparkle.

Heavily beating as the heart of this pack is a wide array of screaming analog synths, mutant sirens and vast drones that give you a perfect starting point from which to sonically expand your ideas. Accompany the beastly synth lines with the carefully captured smooth yet grand sound of premium sanded cymbals, shimmering over earth-moving drum loops, & breaking their way through intricate atmospheric soundscapes, deep bass loops and glittering effects.

While Orogeny is perfect for setting for industrial and dark atmospheric music it’s contents can prove useful for a number of genres, bringing a raw edge to your music, whether you produce Techno, Drill, Trap, Ambient or just about anything; Orogeny has you covered.

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