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Corrupted Glitch Beats

Blind Audio introduces Corrupted Glitch Beats, a percussive collection of loops and one-shot samples designed to bring mayhem to your drum tracks. These sounds have been processed with various interesting DSP effects, chopped up, destroyed, re-sampled and put back together to create a unique, glitchy and creative library of drum & percussion sounds.

These beats are laced with glitches, stutters, errors, and a general textured groove. Provided in two different flavours: beats and perc - ‘Beats’ feature an obvious house angle, layered with four-to-the-floor kicks, claps, and snares, these are designed to be dropped straight into your productions. While ‘Perc’ offers only the raw glitchy percussion loops. Layer them with your own sounds to create the foundation of your tracks.

We've also included over 500 textural one-shot glitch samples. Explore many stuttered glitched and corrupted percussion hits - the perfect sound design tool for building your own glitched-up beats and effects.

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