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For my first venture into Max for Live, I created a software editor for the latest synth in our collection, the Behringer Pro-800.

This is a basic editor that offers (nearly) complete control of the synth, all of the knobs and switches from the front panel are mapped, and I've also exposed some controls that were previously hidden in the menu (Envelope shapes, vibrato, oscillator range, velocity, aftertouch, unison detune, mod wheel controls & LFO Shapes).

NEW! I added a randomizer section, click the R button next to the volume and the randomizer selection will pop out. Choose to randomize individual sections, everything at once or use the yellow buttons to randomize only a specific selection of parameters. This is great for creating variations of existing presets, creating sound effects, and experimentation. Randomization happens in the Max for Live device to allow for more control (This is different from the existing preset randomizer found in the settings menu).

If you have feedback, comments, feature requests or bug reports please get in touch >

V2 Update:

- Updated for firmware version 1.3.7 (Sep 2023)
- Envelope response buttons flipped to align with Behringer's fix
- LFO Destination selector has been fixed
- A new parameter randomizer was added

Pro-800 Editor (M4L)

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