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Textural Workshop

Blind Audio & Moloch present Textural Workshop - an essential collection of detailed industrial foley recordings. Let loose in a well-equipped workshop filled to the brim with useful tools and textures that are sure to open doors to inspiring and creative sound design opportunities.

Inside Textural Workshop you'll find high-quality recordings of the following items: burners, brooms, buzz saws, chainsaws, chop saws, fret saws, compressed air, industrial compressors, dremals, drills, drill bits, presses, files, grinders, hammers, hand saws, jaw vices, jigsaws, metal rods, ratchets, rubber mallets, scissors, scrapers, screws, steel brushes vacuums, wood planes, and of course the garage door itself.

These recordings are perfect for all kinds of sound design work, layering and setting the scene for your next production, whether you're working in film, video games, TV, or any other multi-media composition, Textural Workshop is guaranteed to grab the attention of your audience.

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