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Spirits - Post Rock

Blind Audio introduces Spirits - Post Rock. Break down the walls of rock music with this collection of Loops and Oneshots that draw influence from the moodier elements of Rock music. With Spirits, you’ll  discover a generous selection of emotive sonics and heavy atmospherics perfect for breathing new life to your latest projects.

In this latest offering from regular contributor Stefan Binkele, you'll find a distinct influence from Post Rock and Alternative Rock bands such as Deftones, NIN, Tool, and more. This unique collection of sounds will take you down a path often left unexplored by sample libraries and give your productions a taste of the more tripped out & ambient flavours of rock.

Get lost in this collection of Hazy Electric Guitars, Grungy Synths, Earthy Bass, Hard-Hitting Drums and Moody Vocal Hooks. Stefan has once again provided a healthy collection of raw sonics that will take your music to a whole new level.

While Spirits has a very distinct rock vibe, we can also recommend that you try out these sounds in other genres too. The included sounds can work well as a fusion with other genres such as Hip Hop, Trap, Downtempo, Ambient and much more. Don’t be afraid to experiment, blur the boundaries and discover your own sound.

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