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Nemesis - Modular Drums

Expand your drum library with a collection of 300+ immaculately designed percussive Onshots; Nemesis - Modular Drums from Blind Audio provides you with the tools that will help you build better beats and give new life to your drum tracks.

All sounds included were patched and created by hand using a small Eurorack modular system. These sounds were designed using a mixture of classic analog synth modules and complex digital percussion voices. Further mixing and sculpting was performed within the rack using analog filters, complex ring modulation, LPGs, wavefolding, & distortion. The resulting oneshots are raw and without external processing, everything you hear comes directly from the rack.

Nemesis offers a fresh, and ultimately useful drum palette that covers both classic ‘drum machine’ style analog drum hits and modern percussion that will stand out in your mix. You'll find a collection of Kicks, Snares, Hats, percussion & FX, as well as a nice helping of percussive Bass and Synth hits that will give your beats a healthy dose of melodic modular flair.

Nemesis represents a diverse drum collection, suitable for producers working in any genre. These electronic drums are perfect for Techno, House, Trap, Drum & Bass, Ambient, Cinematic & more.

We've also included a small collection of 24 bonus loops that were created using sounds from the pack. These loops were made specifically for the demo, and can be useful starting points or sources of inspiration.

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