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Monolith - Retro Electronic

Blind Audio are happy to bring you Monolith - Retro Electronic, an exploration into electronic music and classic subtractive synthesis practices. The result is a collection of loops and oneshots suited for the producer that’s looking for a nostalgic wave of retro inspired electronica.

All sounds are crafted using classic subtractive synthesizers to produce a distinct retro sound. A pallet of sleek leads, nostalgic pads and solid basslines are all tied together with luscious arpeggios and impactful drum loops. All sounds are professionally synthesized from the ground up to bring you a collection of sounds that you won't find in the preset sections of the latest VA software synths.

Retro Electronic pulls influences from artists such as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada as well as keeping an open mind to modern vaporwave, electronic ambient music and cinematic scores.

Monolith - Retro Electronic is suitable for just about any genre that favours that warm and vintage sound. Perfect for any producer looking to expand their palette with some classic synths.

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