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Lo-Fi Tech - FM Drums

Bold, tekky, and all dirtied up - Blind Audio introduces Lo-Fi Tech - FM Drums, a solid selection of colourful drum samples that hit hard in all the right places. Inside you’ll find a collection of big kicks, snappy snares, clanging hi-hats, and a slew of percussion and FX that will have you dipping back into this pack for years to come. These drums were made using a powerful hardware FM synth and further processed with some nice and dirty FX. All drums are provided in 4 distinct flavours:

Clean - nice and easy. These are the vanilla ones, just warmed up a touch with a subtle analogue boost.

Crunchy - saturation and compression make them bigger and bolder. Cut through the mix and stand out.

Driven - a little darker with a serious vibe. Let these be the driving force behind your tracks.

Stretched - old-school time-stretching gives that distinct robotic sound. Perfect for breaks and experimental beats.

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