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Labyrinth Modelled Ambient

Blind Audio introduces Labyrinth - Modelled Ambient; a collection of loops and oneshot samples that explore the depths of physical modeling synthesis. More specifically, Labyrinth focuses on a technique that employs resonators and short delays to create organic plucks and string sounds.

Most commonly heard in the world of Eurorack modular; these synthesis techniques can present some truly inspiring results, especially when paired with the lush texture of granular, pitch-shifted reverbs. In the right situation, these sounds could easily be mistaken for traditional stringed instruments such as guitars, koto, or similar; but their unique synthetic twist gives them an almost alien character that can’t be found in the acoustic domain.

Labyrinth employs semi-random sequences, strums, pads, and plucks to create otherworldly soundscapes that fall in the realm between synthetic and organic. Labyrinth presents a unique collection of synths, basses, drums, drones, and FX that will provide your latest productions with a deep and unique toolset.

Lose yourself with Labyrinth - Modelled Ambient and explore luxurious ambient soundbeds with this unique collection of ambient electronica from Blind Audio.

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