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Keepsake - Lo-Fi Drums

Blind audio introduces Keepsake - LoFi Drums. Capture the perfect LoFi vibe and set the mood with this deep collection of acoustic drum hits. These samples embrace the natural background noise, imperfections, artefacts and all the distinct lofi character that only a home recorded drum set can offer.

These are not your run-of-the-mill pristine acoustic drum recordings; Keepsake is created using a much loved drum set, recorded in a home studio environment, and processed to further bring out it's gritty and personal nature.

The 200+ included drum hits are provided in four distinct flavours, each with their own personal character: Tape Saturation, Modern Redux, Classic Sampler, Vintage Time Stretch.

Tape Saturation:

This version carries a nice warm distortion which embraces the LoFi nature and enhances the gritty character of the drum samples.

Modern Redux:

Sample rate reduction introduces digital artifacts and boosts the high frequencies. This version gives the samples a nice crunch that contrasts with the organic drum sounds.

Classic Sampler:

The drums are treated to the classic sound of 12-bit samplers of yesteryear. These are the samples in their rawest form, with some high frequencies rolled off for extra vibe.

Vintage Timestretch:

Another trick of 12-bit samplers is their distinct pitch shifting algorithms. We've not overdone it here though, a subtle pitch raise and shortening of the samples was all that's needed.

Keepsake - LoFi Drums is perfect for creating music in many genres but they fit best in styles such as: LoFi Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Downtempo, Vaporwave. They are also perfect for sound design, and for layering and mixing with your existing drum sounds to introduce natural rustic elements into an otherwise all-electronic mix.

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