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Holograms - Synthwave

Blind Audio presents Holograms, a deep-dive into modern synthwave & vaporwave music. Washed with a skewed sense of nostalgia, and a surrealist connection with the sounds of yesterday, Holograms merges 80s synthpop and modern electronica to create a sound perfect for producers looking to add a hint of nostalgia to their productions.

Synthwave has cemented its presence in our culture with its retro sound palette and strong, instantly recognisable aesthetic. Pulling from influences that span from 80s pop hits to classic movies and television themes, Holograms boasts a sound that demands attention from the listener.

It goes without saying that Holograms takes these heavy influences to heart, and as a result offers a solid collection of sounds that are perfect for producers looking to capture that retro aesthetic. Inside you'll find a collection of thumping drums and driving basslines that are complemented by a slew of epic pads and lush chords that will be right at home in any electronic production. Whether you're producing electronica, house, ambient, or anything in between, Holograms has you covered.

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