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Aurelius - Chill & LoFi

Blind Audio are happy to bring you Aurelius - Chill and Lofi. A mellow collection of sounds suited to lazy afternoons and laid back Chillout sessions.

Bringing together a jazzy blend of nylon-string guitar, smooth electric bass and hazy Lofi Synths; Aurelius carries a fresh and distinct palette of sound that takes heavy influence from genres like Lofi Hip Hop Jazz-Hop & Bedroom Pop.

Aurelius also boasts a selection of organic and found-sound content in the form of percussive foley elements and looped ambience. With sounds recorded from various places and objects including: streams, toys, plastics, rain, train journeys, keys, the beach and walkie talkies.

Submerge yourself in the laid-back vibes of Aurelius - Chill & Lofi and treat your latest productions to a unique and organic selection of sounds.

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