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Ascension - Melodic Hip Hop Vol. 2

A follow up and expansion to the first ever Blind Audio sample pack: Ascension - Melodic Hip Hop Featuring that same familiar taste and unique chillout flavour, Ascension - Melodic Hip Hop II delivers a fresh new batch of oneshots and loops for you to dive into. 

Experience even more laid-back melodies, dreamy chord progressions and downtempo punchy drums as you settle in for another round of Hip-Hop beats. Ascension - Melodic Hip-Hop II draws inspiration from Lo-Fi Hip Hop & Jazz-Hop to further explore a more laid back approach to Hip-Hop. 

Ascension: Melodic Hip-Hop II gives you even more carefully crafted sounds designed to further elevate your Hip-Hop projects and capture that chillout feel. Made up of a versatile collection of Drums, Electric Pianos, Synths, Bass, FX and Musical Phrases. While created as an extension of the first pack you don’t need to own both. Ascension II stands strong on it’s own and offers exactly what you need to inject some chill-out style to your sample collection.

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