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Alloy - Metallic Percussion

Blind Audio presents Alloy - a unique collection of oneshot percussion hits made up of various recordings of metallic household items. This isn't your average 'found sound' library, it’s a collection of percussion hits designed to give you more options while building beats.

Rather than trying to give an accurate representation of the items recorded, we wanted to create percussion hits that could be used alongside your usual drum tracks. The result is a collection of percussive sounds that feature a very distinct metallic tonality. Short Taps, Knocks, Rattles, Slams & Strikes make up the core of alloy. While these sounds are very simple they also offer a unique quality that you won't find in other traditional drum libraries.

All of the sounds in Alloy feature no processing - You’re getting raw audio that was professionally recorded in an all natural setting. Giving you the flexibility to add your own effects and processing was key to creating a truly useful sound library.

Alloy features percussion hits made with the following items: Allen Keys, Christmas Bells, Belt Buckle, Bolts, Bread Tin, Cake Tin, Cola Cans, Clothes Rack, Coins, Colander, Door Chain, Dumbbells, Spray Cans, Fan, Guitar Pedals, Heater Pipes, Ironing Board, Keys, Kitchen Knives, Metal Containers, Shelves, Mic Stand, Monitor Stand, Nail Clippers, Notation Stand, Penny Whistle, Cables, Radiators, Razor Blades, Scissors, Shower Rail, Tin Box, Speaker Stand, Tape Deck, Tape Measure, Tebetan Cymbals & Whisk.

As a bonus, we’ve also included a collection of pre constructed percussion loops that were created for the demo track.

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