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Aberration - Corrupted Oneshots

Broken, crushed, destroyed and rebuilt. Blind Audio brings you Aberration; a collection of oneshot samples that are guaranteed to add texture and character to any production.

At the heart of aberration you will find a selection of sounds that have been exposed to a crossbreed of harsh digital effects and warm but modern processing, Aberration contains a unique array of drums, FX, bass and synth hits.

Aberration is the companion and expansion to our ever-popular collection of twisted oneshots ‘Anomaly’. But rather than looking at this as a sequel to that pack, we like to think of it as a sibling or counterpart. Both packs feature a strong selection of messed up oneshot samples and both will work hand in hand to bring chaos to your productions.

A perfect companion for any musician looking to flesh out their existing arsenal with some unique sounds; Aberration does not conform to a particular genre and will compliment a wide variety of musical styles.

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