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Top 10 Blind Audio Sample Packs 2022

2022 was filled with some great sample packs made by some awesome producers. We covered a lot of ground this year and tried to offer a little something for everyone. With sounds spanning multiple genres and styles, it's hard to know where to start, so we thought we'd take a moment to look back on the top 10 Blind Audio sample packs of 2022.

All of these packs are currently half Price in the Loopmasters Holiday sale, so if you're looking to snag your self a deal, read on!

Take a trip with us and experience a kaleidoscopic collection of thumping drums, driving basslines, and twisty synths that have all been blended together to provide a perfect palette of euphoric audio tools. Somnus provides a satisfying array of audio ammo, that's perfect for both the dancefloor and your home hypnotic sessions.


Stacked to the brim with a satisfying array of gnarly cyberpunk-flavoured madness; you’ll find a trove of ripping bass riffs, tense drones, synthetic melodies, and more - all topped off with hard-pounding drums and piercing percussion, set and ready to unleash mayhem on your latest tracks.


Inside Textural Workshop you'll find high-quality recordings of the following items: burners, brooms, buzz saws, chainsaws, chop saws, fret saws, compressed air, industrial compressors, dremals, drills, drill bits, presses, files, grinders, hammers, hand saws, jaw vices, jigsaws, metal rods, ratchets, rubber mallets, scissors, scrapers, screws, steel brushes vacuums, wood planes, and of course the garage door itself.


We've taken raw modular synths, pounding drums, harsh digital corruption, and a healthy helping of gnarly analogue distortion, and presented it as a sonic cocktail, filled to the brim with all-out destruction! With a diverse selection of textured loops and one-shots, Regolith will add the edge to your latest projects.


With strong shoegaze and dreamy ambient rock vibes mixed in with early 2010s dream pop, you'll find a wealth of post-pop sample content recorded with aesthetic DIY recording techniques and processing. Instrumentation includes textured guitars, cassette-taped piano, ripped bass, dusty drums, and Binkele’s signature vocals.


Naturally, Abyss has a strong focus on low-end energy; Subby basslines take center stage, with lots of grit and saturation to make them stand out in the mix, while textured synth sounds and hard-pounding drums bring it all together to create an essential collection worthy of any serious Dubstep connoisseur.


Lovingly played and professionally recorded, these loops capture that authentic lo-fi feel that’s found its way into much of today’s popular music. Not just for lo-fi hip hop, these guitar loops fit well with just about anything that requires some smooth and expressive guitar parts.


With numerous releases on the legendary UK drum & bass label Bad Taste Recordings, Drumsik has carved out a name for himself among the DnB greats. His debut sample pack doesn't disappoint! It features an expertly crafted selection of expansive breakbeats, gnarly basslines, inspiring synths, and top-shelf FX that will slice and carve their way through your latest productions with ease.


Crunchy digital glitches & classic IDM beats are joined by complex, semi-random synth lines that were created using probability-based sequencers and generative modular synth patches. The result is an extremely textured selection of sounds that will feel right at home in a multitude of genres.


Sit back, relax and enjoy a selection of punchy breaks, deep satisfying bass, melencholy piano and dreamy synths - All wrapped up and packed full of liquid chill-out vibes. Inertia will take you away, and provide your latest productions with a bed of sonic content that is sure to inspire.


Here's looking forward to another great year filled with awesome sample packs. We have lot's more planned for Blind Audio in 2023 so sign up to our mailing list or keep an eye on our socials to stay up to date on news, new sample packs, freebies & more!


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