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Sounds For £1! Discovery 2021 Label Sampler Out Now.

We like to cover a lot of ground with our sample packs by offering a wide range of sounds in different genres. To help choose which ones are right for you, we've put together this little compilation of our favourite sounds, and wrapped them up in this handy label sampler.

The Discovery 2021 Label Sampler is around the size of one of our usual sample packs and available at a fraction of the price (just £1 to cover hosting costs). We hope that this collection will be a great source of creativity, and that it will inspire you to check out more of our releases in the future.

The 2022 Label Sampler features sounds from the following sample packs:

Holograms - Synthwave (Coming soon!)

Need more? Our first Label Sampler - Present/Future 2020 is still available here.


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