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Out Now: Voltaic Beats Bundle - 50% Off!

Grab huge savings on 3 popular Blind Audio sample packs. The Voltaic Beats Bundle is a great way to bolster your production arsenal with some unique House sounds.

Packs included in the Voltaic Beats Bundle:

“Retro nostalgia fused with modern four-to-the-floor rhythms. Future Arcade channels the spirit of arcade classics of yesteryear to bring you an all new collection of loops and oneshots. This is not just another chiptune collection, these sounds will work just as well in your modern day projects as they do in the 8-bit realm.”

“Give your latest house productions a unique Lo-Fi twist; complete with characterful imperfections and warm, saturated undertones. Expect to find Classic House rhythms, rolling bass & spacey melodies that all come together to create a deep palette of sound that perfectly captures the gritty, DIY spirit of LoFi house.”

“Repercussion takes only the best sounds from various sources - feel the fusion of real world recordings, brand new synthesized sounds & classic drum machines. These drum hits have been carefully sculpted, layered and processed to bring out the best possible sound. These are your ‘bread-and-butter’ sounds - Drums that you can go back to time and time again.”

Together these packs present you with a versatile collection of oneshots and loops, perfect for House, Techno, EDM, or just about any electronic music genre that you can think of. Stock up on new sounds and save big with the Blind Audio Voltaic Beats Bundle.


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