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Out Now: Loopcloud Drum - Modular Industrial Techno

Modular Industrial Techno is the latest Loopcloud Drum Pack from Blind Audio. Brace yourself for 3 super-heavy Industrial Techno presets. First created as a modular synth patch, multitracked, chopped-up, and pieced back together inside Loopcloud Drum. Plenty of distortion FM, & ring modulation was used along the way to make these kits as dirty as possible.

Use these kits as building blocks for your next tracks or dissect them and bring elements from them into your existing productions. Modular Industrial Techno provides you with a complete selection of Drums, Bass, Synths & Effects. This is the perfect collection for any producer looking for some hard & Dirty Techno sounds for their latest productions.

Modular Industrial Techno is now available exclusively at Loopcloud.


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