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Out Now: Empyrean - Deep Cinematic

Blind Audio invites you to discover Empyrean; a brand new collection of Oneshots & Loops that will provide the perfect atmosphere for your next projects. Discover a fresh spark of inspiration with this deep palette of unique and distinct, cinema-ready sounds.

Let Empyrean set the scene and bring you with a well rounded selection of Characterful Strings, Moody Melodics, and Heavy Drums. While focused around a distinct cinematic experience, Empyrean provides sounds useful for all manner of genres. Whether you're scoring your next Cinematic masterpiece, Experimental Ambient or chart topping hip hop beat, we’re certain that empyrean will provide endless inspiration.

Empyrean stands strong on it’s own but is also the perfect companion to it’s predecessors. If you’re looking for more unique cinematic sounds be sure to check out ‘Synthetic Cinema - Electronic Score’ & ‘Elysium - Deep Ambient’.

Empyrean - Deep Cinema is now available at Loopmasters and Loopcloud.


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